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Kristin Jurkowski, MA/EdS, FAMI


Welcome! I’m so glad you're here. 

My name is Kristin, and my speciality is helping English-speaking, international youth and adults living outside their country of origin. Many people I work with are struggling with issues of depression, anxiety, LGBTQ+ concerns, identity formation, grief and loss, relationships, and food and body image. 

Informed by Internal Family Systems (IFS), client-centered, and existential phenomenology, I help clients find their own way towards wholeness by offering psychotherapy and music psychotherapy in a therapeutic space where ALL parts are welcome. 

My personal experience is that we are programmed for wholeness, and that we have no bad parts. Given the right tools and conditions, our psyches and somas naturally transform into a greater expression of Self.

I am a certified practitioner of the Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music, or GIM. This is a powerful modality of healing which allows travelers to bypass the conscious, analytical, verbal mind and work directly with the deeper self/unconscious through the language of the unconscious: imagery. The valuable inner gold discovered there is then brought back to the conscious mind and integrated into daily life. In the process of this transformative work, clients may uncover deeply hidden answers, heal the wounds of trauma, access untapped resources, and transform the root causes of current struggles.

The process of my own training has included 12+ years of personal work with GIM, IFS, and other therapeutic modalities. I remain deeply committed to my own personal work and process, and use my self as an instrument in the therapeutic relationship. My therapeutic style is empowering, strengths-based, and non-pathologizing.

Part of my commitment to each client is to provide a safe space, conductive for you to do your work—where all parts are welcome. I believe we are each a collection of parts, some of which are likable and some not, but ALL of which are valuable. Our work involves helping each part find a harmonious place within your inner system.

Some of these parts carry deep pain, and others create a lot of chaos and even destruction in our lives. No matter how extreme these parts become, I have experienced the genuinely good intentions behind even the most seemingly negative act or thought. Part of our work is helping you learn to respond with curiosity, compassion, and connectedness to those parts which were previously despised, displaced, and discarded.

Our work together will help you heal these wounded and extreme parts, freeing you up to live a life of inner wholeness, freedom, self-acceptance, and joy. 

Through GIM and traditional psychotherapy, I help clients nurture a life of wholeness, freedom, and joy. I am deeply grateful for the privilege of this work. 

I warmly invite you on this life-changing journey.

I believe . . .

.  .  .  everyone is made up of a collection of parts, and the process of therapy involves helping these parts get to know one another and build more collaborative relationships.

. . . today’s behaviors developed as solutions to other problems. That is, the things causing so much trouble today have been trying to help you survive.

. . . you have the natural capacity to heal within yourself; you are the fount of your own wisdom. I am an expert only in helping you discover and utilize the wisdom within.


Master of Arts (MA) and Educational Specialist (EdS) in Clinical Mental Health Counseling

James Madison University, 2013

Bachelor of Science (BS) in Music Therapy

Duquesne University, 2004

Fellow of the Association for Music & Imagery (FAMI)

Member, Association for Music and Imagery ( and European Association for Music and Imagery (

Member, International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation (

Work Experience

Over the years, I have worked as a music therapist in non-profit hospice care, as a therapist at two university-based counseling centers, and as a therapist/music therapist in residential eating disorder treatment. 

In 2019, I moved to Kraków with my family and taught English before opening Kraków Music Therapy in 2021. It's my joy to welcome you here!


Contact Information

To schedule an appointment, please call +48 797 027 333 or email

I offer in-person therapy in Kraków, and online therapy to individuals living in Poland and Minnesota, USA. 


My office is located on ul. Nowowiejska 11, between tram stops Urzędnicza and Biprostal. Parking is available both on the street and in the parking lot out front. 


Sessions are 200 PLN/$120 per 60 minute hour, payable to Kristin Jurkowski, Bank Millennium: 76 1160 2202 0000 0004 9924 5632. Invoices (faktura) available upon request.

I look forward to being in touch.